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I love Canva but the integration is not smooth. Sometimes it does not load into my campaign email and I can't change the size of the image after publishing my canva document to make it larger or smaller. Also, the editing page for canva should be bigger, not just a rectangle in the middle of the screen. Thanks.
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Hi @AkankshaA9 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! What exactly happens when you try loading your image into your email campaign? For instance are you receiving an error message or a blank screen? Does this happen through more than one browser? Also, what are the steps you're taking to edit the size of your image?


it wont load the actual shape of previously created designs, it seems to be stuck on the Canva poster shape even though the design is supposed to be horizontally shaped. No option to resize the design once you've chosen it.

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Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback on this Canva integration. While the integration is still fairly new in our system, were there specific template sizes or ratios the you would like to see when editing? In the meantime we have opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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