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I miss being able to tweak the CSS. Perhaps the feature I miss most is adding borders to images. It can be VERY fancy artwork...just color and width options. Today I used a dark picture on a dark background. A 1 px white border would have made all then difference.

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This is weird! I just posted the above suggestion for border options for images. Somehow, the credit went to ScottS394 ... I'm sure this one will too. I'm not holding my breath for badges but I would like my identity: ruthielip. Thanks if you can help. 

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Hi @ScottS394 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! While our updated Email Newsletter templates do not offer access to it's HTML, our image editor does allow users to add borders on images directly in the email. Does this tool not fit your needs? As for your Community screenname, this can be updated by logging into your Constant Contact account; click the profile icon and choose My Account > under My Profile click Community Screen Name.

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