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Creating Library Folders directly from Email Function

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Currently when you're editing/creating an email and you want to upload a new image to your library for your email but you also want to put it into a new (not currently existing) folder you need to get out of the email editing section, go into the Library section and build your new folder then go back to the email editing page and add your image to to the new folder. of course you could add the image directly from the Library section but if you're working on an email it would be amazing if you could build the new image folder right from the image screen and then place it directly in your email. It's a lot of extra steps to have to get out of email editing - go to the Library - Build your Folder - Add your image - back to email and put the new image (in it's new folder) into your email. Being able to stay in the email editing section and add new folders directly from there would be such a time saver and help all of us keep our images organized and available. Thanks for your help!
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Great idea, thanks for posting!

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