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I see that I'm not the only one annoyed by the recent changes in the photo library.


Thanks to no warning about this, I was forced to spend two hours this morning working through our library of 400 images, rearranging them into folders so that I can pick them out of all the stock images that are suddenly mixed in in the "all" view which is now the default.


In addition, images are difficult to find when editing an email because they are no longer sortable, either alphabetically or by date last used. So, this required me to make yet more folders to contain the images that we use frequently so I don't have to scroll through the endless images to find the one I uploaded three months ago, which used to appear at the top of the list.


And thirdly, I see that when I click on "change" in the image popup in the email editing view, I am simply booted back to the entire image library, rather than the window in which I can add a URL. This is incredibly frustrating, since I must then scroll back through my hundreds of images to find the one I want to edit.


Of course, I've seen responses from tech support saying that I can simply search by the image's title, but I certainly don't know the names of all my images, so this feature is mostly useless to me.


This has been a very frustrating morning. I spent two hours doing a task that should have taken 5 minutes: creating an email campaign.



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This change has wasted my time looking for images I most often use, which was how it was arranged before. Please change it back! I completely agree with the previous post.


I am not happy with the "New Library" at all. I want those generic pics you used to have. I see where these are 'coming soon.' How soon is soon? Very frustrating trying to put my newsletter together and not having those generic photos. Argh!


I use customer banners repeatedly. We have a strict naming format on our website and I use it to find banners and graphics in my library. Now, suddenly there is no A-Z or Newest to Oldest. I can't even sort all the images - they seem to be frozen in some order I haven't gleaned... since my paying job is to create a newsletter, not try to figure out how your programmers have changed the Library. I have to find the name and search for it.  The first comment said they had spent 2 hrs creating folders to store their 400 images.  2 hrs would be a blessing since I'm spending an hour each Wednesday scrolling thru our 400 images to find what I need. This is outrageous that you would allow someone who never creates a newsletter in real life to modify the Library.


The way I see it I need to study which would be faster: create 200 folders to store all my imgs or switch to MailChimp for our weekly newsletter.



I do not like the new arrangement at all!  PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD PHOTO LIBRARY!

the changes are very annoying as somewhere I have to delete old old pictures that it wasn't there before. whatever way you do, constant contact try to force you to up-grade which I don't want to!
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Stock images and ones we have taken ourselves are seriously different- I like to use my own images and those of my friends as much as possible- with this new setup it is nearly impossible to even find them. Please change it back to separating stock images from my images. 




We have made many updates to our library based on this feedback. Thank you!


We have added the ability to sort in My Library and the insert image overlay. We can now sort by name and by when the image was added.


As for changing images, if the image was inserted by a url, it will now open to the insert URL tab. I would also suggest using the thumb strip view in the insert image overlay. This can be changed in the insert image overlay, click the My Library tab if it's not slected. It's the middle setting to the left of the Upload New button.


Thank you for using Constant Contact!


Ed M

Tier 2 Support



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This idea has been implemented. If you have more feedback on this idea please start a new thread.


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