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It would be a tremendous help to be able to set an image to be sized at 100%. While the future is going the way of high-DPI devices, currently we (and pretty much all of our clients) view our emails on 72dpi monitors, and having an image be CLOSE to native size (but not quite) is very obvious. With the current slider mechanism, we can only eyeball it, which means it's certainly the wrong size.


Photos aren't a big deal (they resize nicely), but having a difference between image DPI and screen DPI greatly affects the quality of text, line art and other graphic shapes contained in images.

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I agree - it is HORRIBLE not to know how large an image actually is. In the old system, you could see if it was at 100% and you could see the dimensions. Now there is no way to do that, and even at 98%, or 102%, an image looks absolutely horrible.
And I have no idea how large the image I need should be.  Cute CC-provided placeholder images, but without any dimensions, we don't know what size our images should be to maintain that clarity. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

I'm shocked to see that the post about not being able to control the percentage is from 2018. I'm in the process to switching to this platform and that's a big turnoff.

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