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Very difficult to add images where I want them; this morning, I had one jumping all over the place. Took many tries to get it into the correct block. Also, why does the font default to Georgia when everything I do is in Verdana? Is there a setting somewhere that I can't find? Both of these items cause a lot of cursing in our office.
CTCT Employee
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Hey @PatrickS77984, thanks for your feedback and I apologize for the frustration this has caused you. How are you adding the images into your campaign? I want to make sure I understand exactly how to replicate the issue so I can provide the feedback to our product development team. Regarding the font style defaulting to Georgia, you can change this by going into the campaign you are editing, clicking "Design" on the top left of the page and then you can select the font style there. You can also follow the steps in the below link to do this:

CTCT Employee
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