Housekeeping in photo library

I could delete sooo many images from the library, if I knew WHICH version of a photo was actually used in an email. Every time I edit a photo a new image is added to the photo library and I don't have time to delete older versions at the time I am writing emails because I am pressed for time, but I would love to go back and delete images that never appeared in an email. A feature such as some kind of highlight of images actually inserted in a newsletter would help REMOVE sooo much memory being taken up by unused images - that should be a HUGE bonus for you if everyone could do some housekeeping in their images.

I totally agree with this! Also, being able to delete a lot of images at the same time would be great as well as going to the oldest images and documents first would help in deleting them.

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Constant Contact use to show you how many and which emails a photos was used in.  For some reason, they stopped this in 2019.  BRING IT BACK!.  It was a great link that appeared when you clicked on the photo and after the date the photo was uploaded.It might say "Photo used in 6 emails."  Then you click on it and it shows you which emails. It worked great for cleaning out your library without having to worry about decimating an existing email.


I know you can charge more if we have to expand our library space but it's a bad way to keep current customers happy.  


PLEASE have something that would indicate in the library, when a picture is used in an email. This way I could delete so many images that might have been altered numerous times before the email completion. As a small business owner (as I suspect many of your clients are), I am always in a hurry and working on a deadline when I create an email, so I don't have time to delete unused images at the time I am creating. HOWEVER, I would love to clean up all the images I have stored. wouldn't it be great for Constant Contact not to have to store so many photos?


Certainly there is a logical way to sort photos in library from oldest to newest?  What am I overlooking?   

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It would be nice to know, at a glance, which images in my library have been used in an email and which haven't. I would love to clean up the image library to it holds only the ones I've used, but can't tell which ones were sent out in emails and which were.
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