I miss being able to upload directly to a folder. :(

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This new interface looks really nice, and I like being able to upload batches of photos. But I really don't like the extra steps it takes to get them into a particular folder. Also, when I upload a new photo, I have to refresh the page before the number beside the folder reflects the true number of photos in the folder. I don't like it.

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Hi Lawanna. From what you wrote, I'm not sure if you are aware that you can choose a folder for each image on upload. After you have selected the images to upload, if you click on one, you have the option to the left to choose the folder and add a description for the image. To your second point, it is excellent feedback and I thank you for it. Please vote for this idea if you want the numbers on the left to update in real time rather than requiring a refresh.
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That says it all
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