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I have uploaded several images from my local PC and when I insert them into an email they render at very low resolution. They are all very large, much larger than the size I am using them in the email. What gives?
I have a PDF file I saved as JPEG in PS and I keep reducing it down and down and down and it still wont upload! VERY FRUSTRATING. I guess im going to have to printscreen it and so the quality will be horrible. :frown:
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I am sorry to hear of this frustration. The max file size you can import at this time is 5mb. Is it possible to break up the file into a couple pieces so you can keep the file size larger?


Thanks for posting. 

I am trying to upload an image that is 511K, and after I upload it, it shows up as 78K and the image is not clear anymore. How do I get the 511K back?
If the image block that I'm trying to fill is 914 px wide, the system should allow me to upload an image that is that size. There's NO REASON I should have a pixelated image.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for posting, I'm sorry to hear this is happening. Can you help withg some addional information?


- Are you uploading from within the insert window or from the Library tab directly?

- What is the file size of the file?





Hi Tracy,

I am sorry to hear this is happening. It sounds like you should be able to upload without issue as the limit is 5mb (5000kb). Can you email us a copy of the file you are working with so I can take a closer look? Please include your username and a reference to this post so we can make sure you get an update.




HI @GregN566

I am very sorry to hear this is happening. Can you help with some additional information on this?


- What type of file are you working with? jpeg, png, gif, etc

- Are you seeing any errors when you import?

- Do you know what size the file is before you import?


I am having the same problem. The image is quite sharp, but is extremely blurry on the eblast.


You downgraded to less quality edit image features. What the heck. Very disappointing. .

Hi @BurtK1

Thanks for your feedback--can you tell me more about the features you are looking for that we don't offer?

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I am shocked at the massive compression that you apply to my jpgs. I cater to high end designers and use cc for marketing and I have noticed your compression algorythm to my images have become 'severe' artifacting all over... reds look horrible and text look like they were 'stressed' .... been using your service for years - the quality of images has degraded quite a bit ... and I am reconsidering going to another provider.... sad :frown:

When I upload a large image, it becomes a smaller image in Constant Contact. I noticed this when I tried to increase the size of an image within my campaign and found it more pixelated than the original image; I then compared the dimensions of the original image and the uploaded image and noticed a substantial difference. 

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I agree this is soo frustrating. An event image (914px) cannot be uploaded and used without CC compresses it to 800px. Image look blurry and unprofessional. keeping it under 100kb matters not!


This is not okay CC. I am very dissapointed. I also will look into using another service!

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