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Images taken with Iphone rotate

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Every time I upload a photo it comes out sideways & I have to go into Edit mode to turn it. This is a new thing - never used to happen. ???

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Every time I upload a file it is uploaded sideways. I try to go in and edit the photo to rotate it back where it goes, but it never saves that way. Help!

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If the photo was taken with a mobile device, like an iPhone or iPad, there is hidden information that tells your phone which way is up for the image. Unfortunately, this same information will give the Library false direction about how to orient the image. If you can, save the image on your computer in a different format (your phone saved it as a jpg, try saving it as a png instead) and then uploading it. That should clear that information.
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Hi @GeorgeT7

Where are these images coming from-- are they being taken on a mobile phone?

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I have taken all these beautiful photos on my Samsung however, when I upload them into Constant Contact they come out sideways. I tried to save photo as PNG when downloading but my PC doesn't let me do that. Please help! I don't want to use stock photos when I have all this great content. 


I am having the same problem!  Almost everytime I upload photos they come in sideways!  They are not sideways on my computer or in my phone, but Constant Contact is rotating them.  It's very frustrating and looks very unprofessional sending an email like that.  It is way too time consuming to have to go in and edit each photo and especially the fact that Constant Contact will NOT save the image rotated is even worse!  :(  I go into EDIT, Transform, Rotate, then EXPORT.  NOTHING CHANGES.  I don't know what to do.  I used to love Constant Contact, but now I am getting very disappointed and frustrated.  I sure hope they fix this issue!  PLEASE!  Thank You!