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Please up your maximum file size for attachments (documents & photos). Currently you cannot upload a file larger than 5MB to attach to an email which is extremely inconvenient when you have well-designed trainings with multiple screenshots. Even after compressing my 13 page training it was 5.7MB, still too large. A simple Gmail account allows you to upload attachments that are up to 25MB, so only allowing for 5MB is very low. It's even more frustrating because our company is only using 9% of it's total available space, so there's plenty of room available for a couple larger attachments.

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Updating the status of this request to Under Consideration to support our new community idea statuses to add better insight into your feedback.


We acknowledge that this particular feedback has been requested for quite awhile. The current file size requirements can be quite limiting for some. We currently have some tickets open within our product and engineering teams to look at increasing file upload sizes. At this time, there are no further updates in terms of expected timelines. We'll keep you posted.

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We have been using Constant Contact to send out our newsletters that are always around 6 MB. We need to have a bigger size limit.

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I use to be able to upload a file of 8mb and now I can't it will only allow 5mb! Now what?
I´ve already work with a PDF that it´s size is 9.9Mb. Why is now telling me my file has to be just 5Mb? I sell art, I need images for my brochure... Tks
I attempted to upload 5.5 mb of a PDF file to insert on my constant contact email and was rejected because the new revisions to the software only allows up to 5.0 MB. It took me literally 2 hours to manipulate my document so that it would be smaller than 5.0 MB. 2 months ago, I uploaded a pdf file of 8.5 mb and had no issues. I request that you increase the upload file size, otherwise, I have absolutely no use for Constant Contact anymore. PLEASE RESPOND so that I can determine whether or not to continue using this software, otherwise, it's a total waste of my time.

We have previously been able to easily upload all of the documents that we need to send out from our constant contact... But now that the file size limit has changed I am not able to send out the communication that I need. VERY frustrating. I use constant contact as communication for customers and employees of mine, and when I can't get the same information to all my staff all at the same time via constant contact - it detriments how well I can run my business!

I used to be able to upload up to 10M, why did it change to 5MB limit? Is this a setting I can easily change anywhere? I need to upload a presentation that needs to go out in the next hour and I have no way to reduce the size of the PDF file.... Please HELP!!!!!
I found out that Constant Contact reduced the file size on documents we could down load. I am very disappointed. This is one of the mail reasons why I use constant contact so If it does not change back I may no long need constant contact.
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The file size needs to increase as it was before! It is now inconvenient to separate a file into two files now to add as document attachments.
This is very inconvenient not to able to upload anything larger then 5MB. Generally, I liked the old Library version better. It was more user-friendly.
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Newsletters with photos - files are usually over 5 MB
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If you don't increase the file size back up to 10mb I will have to look elsewhere to send out my newsletter.  That's really too bad because, generally speaking, I like Constant Contact.  I think it was a "cheap shot" to cut us in half like that with no warning.  Terriby inconvenient and takes a great deal more of my time now to prepare my newsletter.


I think you folks have made an awful lot of people unhappy and you need to change it back.  hd

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I also want to ask that the file size limit be raised. Today's modern PDF newsletters are simply not this small, particularly if you are designing it to be read on a tablet.

This new look of constant contact is awful. It is not letting me upload any of my files. It keeps saying that my 8MB file is too big, even though I have used larger files in past. I am very disappointed because I am out of the country right now (away from my office) and trying to send an email out to my customers.... but cannot because of this. I am a very unhappy customer now.
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The very same Excel file I have been uploading for years is now suddenly Too Large -- I had to call tech support, save to new CSV and go through multiple steps. I don't see this as an improvement at all. Also, the help hints when the file was rejected -- to delete empty columns -- makes no sense in an Excel file using only one column listing emails. No way to remove extra fields. Uploading a column of 10,000ish addresses should be an accepted file size. Tech said this is "improvement" is to facilitate customers who need to find non-exact matches and pull up similar emails -- if we don't need this service we should be able to opt out.
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I am sorry to hear of this frustration. I saw in your account that support was able to help you import with the CSV file you mentioned. Thanks for your feedback on the updates!
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