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I do a lengthy quarterly newsletter for my nonprofit, which is a series of subjects with titles (typical newsletter format).  Rather than having to reformat each article in Word then pdf and upload each article to the CC library, it would be extremely helpful and time-saving if I could just upload the entire newsletter pdf to the library and link the READ MORE in each article to the specific full-length article in the pdf.

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I would like the same option for different reasons. I have a corporate document with sections that are only relevant to certain departments, but due to time constraints, can't construct seperate emails/documents for each department, especially since some are sometime shared by more than one department depending on project. There is overall company news in the email and news items for each department in their section in the email. Then, instead of a link to the data in the docuemnt thats relevant to their department (which I'd like!) I'm linking every one to a table of contents at the top of the document. It just seems messy for the readers, though.

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