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Library Space Confusion

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Library Space Confusion

I used to be able to have five .pdfs and five .jpgs. Now I'm allowed only five total for both types combined!! What happened?


Hi @LailaS04

I took a look at your account and see that your Library is full with four images and one document uploaded. The basic library allows for a total of five files, this includes both images and documents.


In order to upload more files you would need to delete at least one, upgrade the library or use an external image host.




Hi @DrewB54289

I just took a look in your account and see that you have five images uploaded at this time so your Library is full. With the basic library you have space for a total of five files at once. This includes images and documents. Can you tell me where you are seeing that there are four files? Have you recently deleted one from the account?


In order to upload more images you would need to delete at least one, upgrade the account or use an external image host. 



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so what do I do to fix this?
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Help! Am I limited by file size as well as number of files? On the bottom of the "Upload to Library" screen, it says I am using 5 of 5 files. But when I go to my library to select an image, it says (and shows) that I only have 3.
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Hi, I've been unable to upload images for the past week. The Image Library feature is telling me that I'm currently using 5 out of 5 files. However, I'm not. My email currently has only one and I've deleted the other ones from my library. Even after doing this and my library showing only one file I can't upload another.
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I only have 4 images and I keep getting a out of space message. I am going to cancel this service, I run into this problem every month.
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Why am I now only allowed to add 4 images with my library basic? when i go to add my 5th image it says you have space left for 4 files. Some files were automatically removed.
I keep getting told that I am out of space. Every time I'm done with pictures in an email, I delete what I don't' need, however sometimes, the green lines still show as if I have 4 or 5 pictures saved, when I only have 1 or 2. Can someone please look into this, as it keeps happening every time I do an email. Thank you! -Jacquie
I have deleted all of my 5 photos but it says I only have room for 2 left. Help!