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Library Space Confusion

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Library Space Confusion

I used to be able to have five .pdfs and five .jpgs. Now I'm allowed only five total for both types combined!! What happened?


Hi @netpreneur111

I see you were able to get in touch with support about this. It looks like you had a PDF file uploaded taking up that last space so your library was full. Just a note, the basic library allows for a total of five files to be uploaded at once, this includes images and documents!


Hi @LindaK95

I took a look at your account and see that you have one image and nine PDF files uploaded at this time so your Library is full. With the basic library you have available you have room for a total of ten files to be uploaded. This includes images and documents. A good way to see all ten files is to click the Library tab of the account. You would need to remove or upgrade for more files. 


Hi @RyanH4713

It looks like you had a mix of images and documents uploaded previously but have since upgraded for additional library space. At this time you are only using 896K of your 1024M available so you should have plenty of room to upload more. Are you still having trouble seeing and uploading?

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