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Library Space Confusion

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Library Space Confusion

I used to be able to have five .pdfs and five .jpgs. Now I'm allowed only five total for both types combined!! What happened?

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EVERY time I want to upload one new picture for a newsletter, it duplicates that picture, taking me over the 5 pic limit. I delete one, than both are deleted. Then I have to upload it again, Or only allow myself to 3 pictures total in my library. This is not a new or unusual event; it has happened every time for a couple of years.

 Hi @tbeck

I am sorry to hear of this frsutration but thanks for letting us know. I'm not able to replicate this in your account. Where are you uploading from when this happens?


I took a look at your account and see that you have five files uploaded right now, four images and one document so your library is full. With the basic library you have space for a total of five files at once. 


Hi @HugoG9

I took a look and see that you have five images uploaded right now so your library is full. With the basic library you have space for a total of five files, images and documents together. If you need more space you are welcome to upgrade the account, use an external image host or remove some of the older images. 

I am told my image library is full. I am trying to go through and delete some to not upgrade but it's not allowing me to do it by only showing 5 at a time. This is a very tedious process. Please advise. Thank you
says I am using all five pix but I only see 4 **bleep**??
I have zero photos and it still says that I am out of space. This is a problem. Can this be fixed??
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Only have 3 images visible yet it say i am using 5 of my 5 files
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Thank you for letting us know you are having difficulties uploading images. I looked in your account and I see you have 2 images and space left for 3 images/docuements. Sometimes it can take a moment to update the page to refresh after you delete an image. If you are getting this error after you have deleted the images please click on the image tab again and that will refresh the page. Then click Upload To Library to add your image/documents.

I try uploading and you say my space is full, yet I have deleted all but one. Why do say there are 10 photos when there is only one.???????I am getting fed up with this. I can't send out an email.

Hi @CandiceK

I see you were able to contact support and upgrade the account. Please let me know if you need anything else!