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Library space ridiculously small

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Library space ridiculously small

Hi there, as a new customer I have to say I feel annoyed and mislead by the few images that I can upload to the library before I have to upgrade, this is not visibly communicated before purchase. Also, deleting the pictures to make space seems an almost unachievable task because this option is also not visibly communicated. Please don't take your customers for a ride like that...

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Hi Charlotte, I am very sorry to hear of this feeling but thank you for posting. We in no means want to mislead you and not make actions obvious. Here are some directions on how to delete images if you would like. Thanks again for the feedback.

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Unfortunately, it seems that CC is now a money grab. I see only 4 images in my library and I'm told I have to upgrade to have more images? Ridiculous! I guess this means I'll be looking elsewhere for another, more economical - and reasonable - solution.
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