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Managing Photo Library

Frustrated! I am doing a major cleanup of our photos. I'm 6 pages in to the 1600 photos, and every time I edit a photo, I am returned to page 1. The system SHOULD stay on the page that I'm working on. Please advise if there is another way to work with photos that is more efficient. Thanks, Holly
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Hi @ASC2002. I am not able to replicate this issue. The library does not use pagination and when I went in to edit one of my own photos that was further down the page, I was left off at the same place and did not need to scroll to get back to where I was working. Were you working in the Library tab? Also if you could get a screen recording of what's happening, this would be helpful for us. 

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Hi Caitlin,


I kept at my cleanup project and learned NOT to use the FOLDER icon when I want to assign a photo to a folder. To retain my place, I now know to use the EDIT icon, instead. There I can do as little or as much with the image as I want - it just wasn't apparent when I first started working in the Library.


See what happens when you use the Folder icon just to add an image to a folder. I hope Constant Contact will either remove the Folder icon, or update it to function as the EDIT icon does (returning to listing of last image worked on).


Thanks for getting back to me.


Holly Zemke, Waterworks Visual Arts Center

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Hi @ASC2002 thanks for following up with these details! We have opened you idea up vote to so other users can weigh in as well.

Hello, I am working on organizing our library and it would be helpful if once I added an image to a folder, it wouldn't take me back to the first x number of images/docs. Every time I move something to a folder it goes back to the first several listings and I have to click "Show more" until I get back to where I was.
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