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Move not copy to folder

I want to move an image to a folder but I only see an option to copy it to a folder and I don't want or need multiple copies plus it fills up my folders. Why can't I just move it to the proper folder?

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I used to be able to move images into other folders to keep them organized. Now I can only copy it into another folder and I don't want all those copies. Why am I no longer able to simply move the images for better organization?!
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 I agree. I gave up on folders when they removed this option. I am never sure if the email I want is in a folder or just in All Emails. Without knowing if it has been categorized, I could miss it. I really miss the no folder option to see what I still need to categorize.

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Me too. Please bring back the older way of filing images.

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Photos should move to the folders not copy. At least give the option of moving them and not just copying them.
What is the point of being able to move campaigns to a folder - if it doesn't get removed from the general list. There should be a way to move the campaigns so they don't bog down the system
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Please, when someone moves an item into a folder, the idea is that the item actually MOVES into that folder (think email server archives. Outlook is a good example. When one moves an email to a designated folder from the inbox, a copy doesn't stay in the inbox). Be it an email or media. I do not like that when I move an item into a folder, it replicates, but does not actually MOVE. This is very frustrating. I would like to be able to move  all of my sent emails into folders that will make it easier for me to find in a hurry when I need to replicate that email to send out quickly. Instead, I have to " move" emails into folders, one at a time, and I start losing track of which emails have already been "moved" when I can't just sit down and pound it out. And images are difficult to find. The only sort option is by upload date. I can't sort by file name. I don't know when something was uploaded to find it! Also, when I try to move images into folders, once again, they do not actually MOVE. This is not helpful AT ALL. 

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I've been asking for this since 2011. 

Hello! We love using Constant Contact for our organization! What would be really helpful is if the campaigns actually moved into the folders and did not continue to show on the main page, after they've been moved into folders. It is very annoying to have to see all of the campaigns on the main home page, when there are folders that you can put your campaigns in. It would really help keep things more organized as well. Would love to be able to use the folder function as exactly that, a folder to store campaigns that have already been run. Thank you so much for taking this into consideration!
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Constant Contact, looks like this thread has been on here for 4 years now. Any comment?

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There is an unfiled folder on the left of the library that will show only images that are not part of a folder. If you view images and documents using the folder area you will see each image once.