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My Library - Image Options

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Whatever "Tech Support" did to the Library/Photo feature has caused me 1) Call Support for help to decipher how CC is now setting up the Photo Library/Image Options - like delete and file in folders and 2) Increased my workload by 3 where I now have to go to different tabs to do what I originally did on one page. Once again, you guys are changing things that don't need to be changed. Let me explain: I used to click the Library and found a list of folders on the left and a large box-window with all my photos on the right. In that box-window I could file to folders, delete, etc. On the left were my most recent added images. Today I click on Library and then on a Photo - and a different template/window is on the right. If I want to delete a photo I must click it for a "delete" option to come up. If I want to file it, I must close the entire tab and go back into Library, look for the photo and file it. Your "improvements" are becoming irritating to me as a user. Jo Mooy - StarsoundJo
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Hi @JoAnnM85931 we're sorry to hear you're unable to work in your Library as easily as you should! Can you please provide screenshots of the display you're seeing in your library? While we have recently made updates to our product (email campaigns, survey campaigns, contact management dashboard) the image library was not one of them. So any screenshots you can provide is helpful information for us to have.

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