My Library does not offer enough space

There should be double the amount of space provided here without having to purchase more.

Hi folks, We're experimenting with Constant Contact. Previously I have used which are very similar products. The difference is that I was able to upload as many pictures as I needed for my emails. Having come up against a Library limit I have to admit that I'm thinking this may not be the package for us. It's obviously a grab for cash. Do you think it would be possible to bring your space in line with other products out there?

I'm sorry, but a 5 item storage capacity is ridiculous. If you want to force us to buy capacity, then offer nothing. Most emails require at least that many.
I have had Constant contact for many years now. I am a small business and barely able to eke out a profit. I have been paying $55 a month for constant contact and you ONLY allow 5 basic images. That is really an outrage as it does not cost you that much in storage to store additional 5 images as standard. It is a horrible way to make people to upgrade their service and charge them more. Thanks
Please consider increasing the amount of photos allowed to 8 or 10. We are a nonprofit and already pay a significant amount for this service. There's no way I can pay for additional photo storage. Thank you very much!
This is B.S. only being able to have 5 images - what kind of craziness is this ????????????????
I want to add simple calendar buttons with links for an invitation. I don't want to have to pay for your elaborate Events features. I also don't want to have to pay for more image space when I try to upload simple pictures to create a link to calendar applications. This seems like a terrible way to get customers to like you and pay more money. There are alternatives that are less irritating, where we don't have to pay for every little thing.
I'm not fully understanding the 5 image limit when there are plenty of free services out there that don't have such a restrictive limit. If I'm paying a subscription why should I have any limits? This makes absolutely no sense and I'm seriously considering changing providers. Not only is the limit an extreme hassle, the functionality and user friendliness of this site is horrific as well as the design functions which make it almost impossible to create an appealing email blast. I've been using CC for a while now but maybe it's time to change.
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Would like the ability to have more than 5 stock images.

 Nickel and Diming people really pisses them off. You are already one of the more expensive services and then you try and pull this. I just restarted my account and it said I needed to delete some photos. After deletting about 2 MB of space I tried to add more. The problem is it doesn't say what the limits are for the free account and it only lets you view 5 photos at a time. If you don't want to delete any of those 5 photos you are screwed. You guys doing stuff like this are the reason other email marketing companies are growing and getting market share that you once had. Every professional marketer I have talked to told me to use someone else, but I re-instated my account since many of my emails had been sent from this one. You have helped me make the decision to follow the professional's advice.

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You folks are getting $35/month from me for doing very little. Seems the least you could do is stop begging us to buy more library space for picture files and up the number to 25 high resolution jpgs at no cost to us. Come on, Man!!
Hi, I am not able to upload any photos due to it saying I am out of space. I have deleted all photos currently in my account.
i pay monthly and i can only have 5 images? can you at least make it easier to swap/replace one of the older 5 files? thnx

 HI @StaceyS953

I took a look at your account and see that you have three images and two documents uploaded currently. With the basic library you can have a total of five files uploaded at once, this includes images and documents. In order to upload more files you would need to remove at least one file from the Library or upgrade the account. 

Your limit of 9 images is NOT customer friendly. Give us something to work with.
Five images or upgrade? How much do I pay, too much I guess
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