New Library Tools!

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New Library Tools!

Hate them! Also, hate the black background as I can't see anything.
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 Hey @RobinL361, sorry to hear you're experience with the new editor hasn't been great. Are there any specific parts of the editor that you are having issues with other than the dark color theme to it? 

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I called and spoke with a  CC tech support person.  She could readily see the problem.  It wasn't possible to make a frame around an image that didn't exclude part of the image.  Additionally, an interior "frame" was created instead of a simple black border.  The black border (around the unwanted interior "frame") could not be seen against the black background.  I haven't tried the other image editing features.  The CC tech support person suggested I use another picture editing device before copying into my CC library.  This is certainly a step backwards in the software.  

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