New Library and Folders - Changes requested, may we have a progress report?

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You new Library interface makes it much harder to mange my numerous images. I can't easily tell:


  • If an image has been used in an email
  • if an image is NOT in a folder
  • What folder the image is in

...unless I click into and out of each individual image. And I have hundreds of them.


All of the above suggestions have been submitted by others and I have upvoted them. I am hoping you can give us some assurance that these functionality issues are being taken seriously and that an update is coming soon.

In the meantime, the ability to sort images in the library by the library column headings would be most helpful.


Thank you


Hello Holly, 


I appreciate the feedback! I have commented on your bullets below:


  • If an image has been used in an email

We have made a couple changes that may help with this experience. Image behavior was slightly different within the older version of Library. For example, if an image from the library was used in your email campaign and that campaign was sent, then the image you used was deleted, this meant the image was also removed from your sent campaign and no longer available for your subscribers to see. 


With the new library this behavior has changed. If the image is used and deleted from the library after sending, you should see that the image is not deleted from that sent campaign.


From listening to customer feedback, the primary case where an "image use" reference would be beneficial is because of issues that occurred within sent campaigns during image/folder cleanup within the Constant Contact Library. Was this the reason you found the usage reference needed as well?


  • if an image is NOT in a folder
  • What folder the image is in

For these items, we do have functionality and usability improvements slated that may help with these experiences as well. You may have noticed that the email editor does not yet have all features we have within the Library exposed within the Insert Image option overlay. We are planning to update these overlays to include these features--this should also help with image management as well since foldering and filtering should be more intuitive. The good thing here is that since most image/file uploads occur within the context of campaign creation, I am expecting this should help exponentially.


Something else that may help with the noted issues is a new tech feature that will allow us to persist a folder selection within the Library. I am hoping this will make the overall experience more intuitive--something we are trying to tackle towards the end of the year. 


Though what we have planned is not a direct implementation of the folder reference, I believe our planned work will help. 


Unfortunately we do not have any current plans to add additional sort abilities on the Library page, but if enough users request this particular functionality we can prioritize it against our existing roadmap. 


Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 


Min L. 

Associate Product Manager, Email

Constant Contact

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