New Library does not indicate which images are used in an email.

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This "improvement" to the library took away the former ability to see if an image was used in an email. I can't tell what images have been used and which ones I can delete. This is aggravating since there is no time-stamp, just date, and alternative versions are always made on the same day.


Also, there used to be the ability to use unique names, in which case I would be able to tell which is the current version. Now you accept images with duplicate names which only adds to the confusion.


This improvement is in design only, and not very good at that. The functionality is so bad now I'm considering a diferent service.




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Thanks for sharing your feedback, I am sorry to hear of the frustrations. You can see what images were used when you click into the image details but this will no longer show in the list format. This is a great idea for the future so thanks again for posting!


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