No longer able to navigate to folders from within a message build.

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Either I'm missing something or someone was asleep in designing the new interface for linking to documents. When I'm preparing a message and click link to document I'm faced with list of 233 documents. There doesn't seem to be any way to go to a folder to select the current document, so I have to page through 12 to 15 pages of documents to find the one I need to link to. The upload to a folder doesn't seem to work. I select the folder I want to upload to and it always goes just to the general folder. So I have to find the document in the list of 233 documents and then drag to the folder I want it in.
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Thanks for sharing this feedback, Michael. I apologize for the frustration. You're right that you can no longer view the folders for your documents from inside the email editor but this is a great improvement for the future. During the upload process you can choose the files, select all or just some and add them to a folder using the menu on the left. This prevents you from having to drag them all later. Can you try this out?
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