No option to sort Library files when there are more than 1,000 files

You really need to add additional ways to filter files in the library. I ran out of space so I need to clear out old files, but the only way to get to old files is to keep hitting "show more" and 10 more rows. I have about 4000 images to go through, so this is not very efficient. Even a sort by old to new option would be helpful.

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Hi @KimberlyP what filter options would you like to see in your Library? How does sorting images and documents into folders not fit your needs?

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I totally agree! I was trying to delete the older images from the library, and I have 2000 images in the library!  I need to be able to do some sorting!!  Reverse chronological order would really help.


Hi @KayR16. You can sort images by clicking on the Date Added header in order to see older uploaded images. Does this help with sorting your images?



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Same problem and the Date Added is non-responsive, so cannot sort:



Hi @cityofmiramar having the ability to sort files and images by date or size, in accounts with over 1,000 files is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. Have you tried using the advanced search in your Library to look for a specific date range?

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Yes, but it is also does not allow for sort. If I sort for items in date range of 01/01/2017 - 12/31/2017, there is no ability to then sort those items. If the items are large quantity, I have to again drill down to a smaller range. 

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PLEASE allow the columns in the library to be sorted by size. I am about to cancel my subscription due to this tiny little glitch. MANY users have written about it, but no response. As someone who runs a large organization, it is a waste of time to have to go through each photo to look at its size to delete enough pics to get under the storage limit. I have close to 11,000 photos.  Why is ConstantContact not more responsive to user needs?  It's a great program, but this non-response to dozens of user requests makes me want to seek other options.

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No way to sort by oldest images to delete that way. Gotta seriously click show more 100 times? :frown:
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