No option to sort Library files when there are more than 1,000 files

You really need to add additional ways to filter files in the library. I ran out of space so I need to clear out old files, but the only way to get to old files is to keep hitting "show more" and 10 more rows. I have about 4000 images to go through, so this is not very efficient. Even a sort by old to new option would be helpful.

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Please provide options for sorting images. This is so frustrating. With so many images in the library, it is no easy task to sort and delete them as necessary. So many people have repeatedly asked for this option. The only reason I can assume you don't offer it is you want to push people to purchase more storage. Why are you not listening and responding to your long-time users? 

your library is very hard to edit. if I add an image to another folder, I am returned to the top of the list, rather than where I left off. also, it would be better if one could move the file, not copy to a folder, so we don't have 2 copies of every image. Also, you could have more images per 'page' so I don't have to hit 'more' all the time. Also, could we sort by name? or lots of other things? a way to find duplicate images would be nice too but they likely have different names so that might be asking a lot. maybe a large matrix of images, so we can click on the dupes and delete.

I agree.  Drop down shows approximately  5 folders - no way to scroll in drop down and the search doesn't work correctly.  This should be a simple and required field to supply to those who use constant c on a monthly basis.  Causes frustration every time.  Disappointed that so many have mentioned this with no attention to the matter.

Is there a way to search the library better? Not just 10 at a time starting at the most recent. I'd like to start at the oldest so I can start removing some old files I don't need. However, I have to click through 10 at a time to get later in the calendar. Does that make sense? Thanks!

Hi @LilaS4


At this time users with more than 1,000 files in their library do not have the ability to sort their files. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! The workaround we suggest is to use the advanced search to look for a specific date range if the oldest image upload dates are known. 

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