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Photo Editing

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Photo Editing

If you are fixing your photo editor (even though I was cool with PicMonkey) it would be nice to have the option of either keeping the original image, or just the edited image in your library.  I use a lot of space by being forced to keep the original and edited version.


Also, it would be nice to open an edited image with the edits still unlocked, so if, for example, i spell something wrong on top of a picture, I can just change the text, rather than starting over again.


A few suggestions if you are going to be redoing this thing.



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Aviary is now available.  If you are editing from the Library, you will have the ability to copy or replace the image.  If you are editing from within the editor, you will only be able to copy.  This is a result of inconsistencies across browsers in how images are cached. 

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Thanks for posting, Jay. You should see a popup after editing the image that allows you to save the image as a unique file or overwrite the first. Please let me know if you still aren't seeing this. Also, what browser are you working in? Thanks for your ideas about the edits, this is great feedback!
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Please go back to PicMonkey! The new photo editor is a huge step backwards!
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New image editor sucks.... It is not a real editor. It is like working with Paint!!!! C'mon guys, this is a proffesional environment.

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