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Photos - adjusting size

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Photos - adjusting size


Re: Adjusting size of a photo in an email

With the new photo editor I find it difficult to adjust the size. You have to go and manually change the size dimensions. I liked the old editor better because you could adjust the size by pulling the corner to make the picture larger or smaller.


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Agreed. this used to be very easy, now i can't figure out how to auto size images based on a specified aspect ratio.



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Hey @cherlyn_g the new photo editor does allow for you to drag and drop each corner of the image to where you'd like to crop it. With this new editor being managed by a third party, we don't have the ability to implement change freely, however, this is feedback we've provided to them directly as the crop tool is very difficult to see on images with light background.

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Can you please tell me the secret to determining how to size a photo that looks perfectly fine in desktop/computer viewed emails that ALSO looks proportional on a mobile device - this applies to handwritten signatures, too. When I insert a scanned signature of a name, it often looks fine in computer/desktop view, but it gets HUGE in mobile view. Resizing it makes it look grainy and pixelated - and still too big for the mobile view. Photos do the same thing at times. Please help!