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Problem with Deleting Files

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Problem with Deleting Files

When I have 400 files and I want to delete some of these, I appear to need to click through many many screens to get anywhere. This is just one problem in the user experience that desperately needs changing. A list of 100 would be more acceptable.
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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @Assist-Deb, thanks so much for the feedback! It would definitely be good to have an easier way to view more files on a single page - that would make the bulk deleting process much easier.


I've set this open for others to vote on, thanks again for the great feedback!

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I have almost 5000 items in my library put there over multiple years and I need be able to view them by date and be able to tag many of them for quick deletion. Viewing and deleting them a page at a time is hopeless....
Is there an easier way to delete multiple photos from the library? rather than to keep hitting "show more" and selecting each one then hit trash. We have amassed nearly 6,000 images and I need to do away with everything fro 2018 back. Please help. Clyde.
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Frustrating to only be able to see one page of my images at a time when I want to review and clean my library up! Each time I delete an image it goes back to the first page, with no other choice.
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It would be helpful to be able to continuously scroll (rather than "show more") when going through pictures. Also, it would save time if there was another place for "delete" when you have selected multiple files to delete rather than having to go all the way back up to the top "delete" and then back down to the last place you were.
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We need the ability to delete volume of pictures. not one by one each needs a checkmark. so painfully slow. we need the ability to delete pages at a time or select ALL on a page, not putting individual checkmarks. we need the ability to go to the next page and delete the page of pics. and not have to scroll all the way back to the top just to hit the DEL key. please change the product of I'm gone to the compeditor. thank you
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I am beyond frustrated with Constant Contact not having an easy, intuitive way to delete images.  I am constantly hovering at 97-98% full with a "Do you want to upgrade space?" message?  No, I don't.   

What I do want is not having to spend hours clicking images to delete them.  There's an easier way (how about adding "sort by date"? ...  select all...  etc).  These features can be found in other realms of Constant Contact.  

Between this, and no easy way to find delete contacts who haven't opened your last (____) emails (I should be able to choose that number as account owner), I am almost done with Constant Contact.   It's insulting to be forced to upgrade space because as a busy small business person I don't have time to manually click-click-click to delete images.  


Hello @CeliaM7. You can sort by date in the library by clicking on the Date Added column. I understand that this is not a solution but I hope this makes the process of deleting old images a little easier. 




Also, with our Segment feature, you can search for contacts who did not open any of your last five emails. At this time, the only selection is for five emails.

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Hi @Caitlin_M


I did call yesterday about the issue of deleting images and was given that option.  The problem is that all the images don't show up at once.  You need to keep clicking "Load More"... "Load More".   It is tedious.


As well, I know that we can delete contacts who don't open the last 5 emails.   As account owners, we should have the option for choosing our own number of non-opened emails to qualify for deletion.  For me, 5 is too small a number.