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Separate Stock images and My Images

Separate Stock images and My Images

I noticed this morning that stock images are now included with my list of web images. Please do not combine my images with stock images. I do not like this change.

Occasional Visitor
I am not at all pleased with the changes made to the library where documents and images are all displayed/listed together.
What on earth makes you think that combining documents that have uploaded with images that have been uploaded makes sense? i'm searching through twice as many files now.
Occasional Visitor
Also, if they are going to be in the same folder, make them all show up when you are going to upload an image while creating an email. I had to call customer support to figure out why all my images were being used up because nothing was showing up on my end in the image library.
Occasional Visitor
I can't upload a new picture, and the pdf files and the jpg files are now combined. By now deleting the pdf files, I still can't download a new photo. Very awkward and trying, and a change without any warning when I thought it would be so simple to edit and send out a new e-mail blast. Well, you've taken the Simple out ot it.
Occasional Contributor
The move from separate document and image libraries to a combined library is so non-intuitive and ineffective. It takes a tremendous amount of time to look for items, especially if one doesn't remember the exact title of either. This "new and improved" system is for the birds.
All Star
I prefer documents and photos in separate files.
Occasional Visitor
1) It makes no sense to have clumped pictures and documents together 2) There does not seem to be a way to edit the folders 3) Creating a new folder requires a refresh or leaving the page & coming back in order for the folder to be available from the drop down list when moving an object This is just the start. I have work I need to get to! But please put the old library back!
Regular Visitor
I hate that we no longer have folders to hold our applications and they are lumped in with the photos. This is not an improvement.
Regular Visitor

Jodi is not talking about images but documents - applications.  A whole different world.  You have taken the folders off these applications and dumped them in to images as pdfs which they are NOT IMAGES.  Hate the new update.

Frequent Visitor
Overly complicated and does not do what you'd logically expect it to do. Highlight all of the files on right, select folder on left and it uploads them to the general folder, not the one selected. Then need to reselect them and move them to working folder. Lost functionality for the sake of flash with this new upgrade.