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Something funky is going on with uploading images?

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Something funky is going on with uploading images?

Is there something going on with the site?!
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I am on a deadline and the fact that I can't even upload a new image is pretty ridiculous. What am I suppose to do when it just tells me to try again? That's not helpful.

Hi @NikkiY 

Can you help me with some addional information? What type of image are you trying to upload? Also, are you working in the insert screens within your email or on the library tab directly? What browser are you working in?


Hi @KatieB3 

Sorry to hear of the frustration! Can you help with some more information:


-What browser/version are you working in?

-Are you seeing any errors aside from "Try again"?

-What type of image are you uploading?


Thanks for your help. 

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- Im on a Mac using Safari

- When I try to upload an image it just comes back with an error that says to try again later. Everything else seems to be working

- jpg and png images


Thanks @KatieB3 

We're investigating this now, seems to be limited to Safari. Do you have another browser to try? 

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Thanks Hannah. Unfortunately I just have the Safari


Understood. I'll share any additional information as soon as I can. If you are waiting to upload to finish working we can help get you through this moment if you would like. Email the photos to us and we can upload so you can keep working. social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com



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I am 1% full using 1M of my 250M and every time I try to upload any photos, I get an error with no info
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very frustrating