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Something funky is going on with uploading images?

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Is there something going on with the site?!

I can't believe how horrible the formatting process for emails with Constant Contact is. It randomly changes fonts and font sizes, refuses to accept changes, the actual email looks different from the preview, and so on and on. Surely you guys can come up with something better than this? This is simply not acceptable.

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I agree. You want to tear your hair out and it shouldn't be this difficult. You change the fonts and size. Everything looks good. You save it and it goes back to doing whatever the hell it wants to.....and this can happen multiple times within the same box. It doesn't matter if you remove the formatting or not. I spend as much time trying to correct this as I do composing the messages. Sometimes I just give up.
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BTW. I do paste things in notepad first which does help somewhat however copying a recurring message and adding content still results in the same frustrations. I don't understand why you can make universal changes or why removing formatting doesn't permanently remove the formatting.
Constant Contact just announced that they will be rolling out their new editor very soon. Their claims are that these problems will be solved. I am cautiously optimistic.
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If the announced changes don't make formatting much easier, we'll revert to doing our newsletter in Publisher and attaching it as a PDF. Though there is concern about emails with attachments being blocked, the current formatting issues are a real pain.
I'm a Mac user and I've found that using Firefox instead of Safari makes a world of difference. I can see what I'm doing and what the actual newsletter is going to look like while I'm working on it.
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I thought I was the only one fighting with this. The formatting is absolutely pathetic! I've tried everything - cutting and pasting, adding text right into the text box, pasting text into the notepad first. I've wasted almost an entire workday and I'm ready to throw my computer out the window. Another missed deadline because of CC - very frustrated.
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II'm right there with you all!! I'll give this "new editor" a try if it comes out in the next month otherwise i'm jumping ship.
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I'm so glad to hear people are having this same issue...I've called into their help desk and they talk to me like they've never heard of this issue. They also claim that it must be something in my code, when all I've done is type in their wysiwyg editor! The editor changes fonts and bolds and colors and moves stuff randomly and just irritates me and makes me dread having to create a newsletter.
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Unfortunately the new editor isn't much better. I gave it a couple chances over the last couple months but had them switch me back to the old editor both times. Still equally frustrating to use!
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I am on a deadline and the fact that I can't even upload a new image is pretty ridiculous. What am I suppose to do when it just tells me to try again? That's not helpful.

Hi @NikkiY 

Can you help me with some addional information? What type of image are you trying to upload? Also, are you working in the insert screens within your email or on the library tab directly? What browser are you working in?


Hi @KatieB3 

Sorry to hear of the frustration! Can you help with some more information:


-What browser/version are you working in?

-Are you seeing any errors aside from "Try again"?

-What type of image are you uploading?


Thanks for your help. 

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- Im on a Mac using Safari

- When I try to upload an image it just comes back with an error that says to try again later. Everything else seems to be working

- jpg and png images

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