Still can't upload JPEGs

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In December you changed something regarding JPEG uploads. We used to be able to just upload JPEGs - like we did with GIFs and PNGs. But your upload process now uploads and compresses JPEGs. And with so much compression that they're unusable. ??!? Seems odd that we're having to pay for your storage when we can't even use it. Our work-around is to store and link the JPEGs on our server - which we'd rather not do. Please fix this bug soon - and don't forget to tell me when it's fixed.

HI @RobertO804

I am sorry to hear this is happening. We're not aware of any problem with jpeg files compressing when you upload them so I'm happy to investigate. Can you email us one of the images you are working with so we can test it out on our end? Also, do you have a screenshot of how it looks once its compressed that we could look at?


Please just include a reference to this post when you email in so we can keep your information together!


Thanks for your help. 

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