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Stop Automatic Image Resizing

Stop Automatic Image Resizing

Please undo the automatic resizing/expanding of images in the mobile version. It was working fine before. We prefer to have control over whether the image stretches to the width of the page or not. Some images look terrible expanded, taking up 2/3 of the screen and rendering the text less significant.

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

Is there any way that my design elements could maintain the proportions among the elements in the desktop and mobile views? I compose my emails using PNG files that I've designed outside of CC. When I load them in and size them to look like I want in the desktop view, they don't maintain those same proportions in the mobile view. Likewise, if I size them to look right in the mobile view, they are not pleasing in the desktop view. 


I really like using CC and am working to learn how to best use it to market my Etsy shops. 


This morning I used your chat feature to chat with one of your reps. I wanted to see why my custom date fields did not show up as options in the advanced search drop down menu. They said that there wasn't room for them to show up but my custom text fields did show up as options. So, that's something else I would like to see addressed.


Again, I really appreciate your service and enjoy using it.



CTCT Employee


What format are you trying to accomplish? Images are set to stack on mobile and will size themselves to fit the width of the mobile device. Are you trying to make it so your images are just smaller or are you looking to have them appear side by side on a mobile device?