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Here is the current situation:-

In the "library" of my images we have some 800+ images.  When I open the library, or a folder in the library I can only see 20 images - which I understand is a reasonable way to start.  BUT when i am looking for something and do not remember the file name I like to search through the tthumbnails.  If I do not see the image I hit the "Show More" button and another 20 images appear.  I scroll through those and .... if I do not see then I have to hit the "Show More" button again ..... and potentiall again and again.


This issue is particuallry frustrating when I want to search through the library becuase I did not do a good job of placing the images in folders from day 1 - who knew I would have 800+ images after just a year.


Solution - My suggestion

Showing 20 images is quick and fast and the "Show More" button does allow me to scroll through another 20 images.

It would be nice if there was a "Show All" button so when I want to look at all the pictures in the folder I can hit the button once.



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Thanks for posting this feedback! I know this is not ideal but there is a second view you have available that will show more than 20 thumbnails. Just use the buttons in the header! 



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Thanks for the help. I would like it even better if I could stay in the same place, or quickly return. Instead, I had to click all the precious "pages".
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