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Our school district distributes many flyers for vendors. At the district level they are uploaded to Constant Contact. Before the upgrade the Office Staff at the sites could see the flyer they were attaching to their emails. Now they cannot. It would require them sending themselves an email with the link so they could open it and print it or I will have to also email them a separate email with the flyer. Please...please...add a preview option for the uploaded images!!!!!!!!!!

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It sounds like what you are actually referring to are PDFs and not image files like JPG or PNG. If you agree with having previews of the PDFs, please vote on this idea!
I have deleted all my images and yet I am told I am out of space. How do I clear this?

Hi SondraU,

It looks like your Library is full with five documents currently. Click the Library tab of your account to manage all of this at once. 


You are allowed a total of five files in the basic library at once. 

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