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Upload Not Working in Safari

Upload Not Working in Safari

Trying to upload images to my library, and not a single image will upload successfully. Each one says "error, please try again later". Is anyone else having this problem over and over again????

I am trying to upload a image and it is not working.
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I am getting a vague error message when I try to upload images with the new interface. I even tried uploading images that I know uploaded without trouble last week.
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I am having trouble with the new interface as well.  Even uploads that worked last week are not working now??


HI Brad,

Are you working in Safari or another browser?

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I'm working in Firefox now, and having much better luck with uploads! Thanks so much for your help, Hannah!

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I tried to upload image 429 kb size, is this a limitation? 429 kb
Occasional Contributor
I can no longer upload logos or images to the library. What happened?
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Every time I upload a picture it says there is an error. I never had ay problems before this new update.
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This new photo upload interface doesn't allow me to upload my photos
New Member
I am receiving upload errors when I try to upload PDF's from "My Computer" to the specific folder in my Library. argh