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Upload button hidden

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Upload button hidden

When I go to upload to library from my computer the button for uploading signal is not available on my screen. For a while I could get it to work by clicking feedback but today that won't work.

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It says "We had trouble processing your request. Try again later." that's it.

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The blue uploading from computer section has dissapeared
The "add" section is gray and inactive. Thanks.
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unable to access files from my computer
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I am really getting tired of paying for a service that only works half of the time. I have struggled with constant contact "not working" for the past two months. Please, someone fix this site. Otherwise I will take my business elsewhere.
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There is no way to drag an image an there is not other option
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I am unable to upload photos even though I have only used 15%? Where it says Drag and Drop ... is greyed out so I am unable to click on it. This has happened quite a lot recently but only occurs sometimes. Please can you get back to me asap.
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I'm trying to upload a photo to my library. I currently only have 1 so there is room. I keep getting taken to the screen that says "drag and drop" but there is NO way to access my jpegs from that screen. ANY advice?
CTCT Employee

Hi JenniferH640 and ,


Are you missing the "browser your computer to upload" link in the Image window? Please try zooming out of your screen (CTRL -) and check the resolution of the screen as well. If that doesn't resolve the issue, please let us know.


Thank you.

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where has the upload link gone?