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Upload button hidden

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Upload button hidden

When I go to upload to library from my computer the button for uploading signal is not available on my screen. For a while I could get it to work by clicking feedback but today that won't work.


Unless I'm missing something, there's a new Upload From Computer interface and I think it really blows. I'm in a mad hurry and this just sucks.

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Hi Vincent, Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you are not liking the new upload interface. Would you mind providing more information about what specifically you don't like about it?
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I used to be able to upload anything from my computer. This new change is terrible. I can't upload my pictures anymore! What's up with this?

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There no longer appears to be an option to "browse your computer to upload," only an option to drop and drag.
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I have a .docx file that failed to upload, so I converted it to a .pdf. I have been repeatedly trying to upload it for about 15 minutes. I even exited the email and came back in to try again, and it still will not upload. The file is 143kb.

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Why can't I upload a photo from my computer, nothing available to click
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I clicked on upload from my computer, but an X just appears in the window, does not go my computer files.  Same problem with uploading from social media

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I cannot find on image page "browse your computer to upload" option. Help.

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can not load an image from my computer

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Hello, I cannot seem to upload any images from my computer or any source. I am not getting the interface to call up any files. Can you please help? Please email this email with a response: Thank you, Nancy