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Upload button hidden

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Upload button hidden

When I go to upload to library from my computer the button for uploading signal is not available on my screen. For a while I could get it to work by clicking feedback but today that won't work.

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Why won't you let us upload a picture from our computer anymore? There's no where to click to pull it up...
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P.S. I did actually try to follow your directions but unfortunately, the directions say:

To upload an image from your computer to your Image library:

  1. After logging into Constant Contact, click Library > Upload to Library > My Computer.
  2. On the Images page, click "browse your computer to upload".
    Note: Or you can drag and drop your image with in dotted line area. If you do this, just skip to step 4.
  3. Locate an image file(s) on your computer and click Open.

And when I go to do it, "On the Images page, click "browse your computer to upload" - isn't there - All I see is "drag and drop your image" - which isn't doable on my computer

Your screen offers me no options to 'browse' my own files
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My computer for some reason has a really hard time with me picking up a photo and moving it to your Uload From Computer area. The traditional option of "browse computer" only shows up as an option every few times. Frustrating.

no way to browse to file.

Tried uploading JPEGs from my hard drive and from a jump drive, but it did not work. Any suggestions?

Bring back browsing NOW

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Originally I could put in an url and upload image into the email. Now all I get is your images. How to upload by url instead of browse my computer.

Hi Frank, To pull an image by the URL you will want to be in your email. Click Image on the left under the insert menu and then click "Image URL" at the top of the window. 


1-31-2014 12-41-51 PM.jpg

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There is no specific information on why my image is not allowed to upload.