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When uploading documents, it would be incredibly helpful if they uploaded sequentially. For example, if I upload a document to be added to my email campaign, I have to scroll through 20 pages of previously uploaded documents before I can find the one I just uploaded. It wouldn't be so bad if they just uploaded on the last page, but they upload sporadically. It could end up on page 4 or page 18 and since there is no way of knowing, we end up scrolling through each page of documents individually wasting quite a bit of time....Help?!
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Hi @KalliW0

Thanks for posting! I've heard this feedback a few times but haven't figured out what is happening to get into this state. Can you tell me a little more about where you are uploading from? Also, are you uploading one at a time or dragging a ton of PDFs to upload at once?


When I drag (for example) 6 PDF files to upload at once, the last file in the line bumps into the first upload spot. I can see how if this isn't noticed during upload would cause the files to be out of order once they are in the Library. Could this be what you are seeing to?

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I am having the same issue. I load documents individually, not in batches. One would think that the document would then either be at the end of the list or the beginning, but it seems to drop in anywhere. I must search each page to find it. A search bar would be very helpful, but so would chronological listing. 

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