Your picture Library sucks

Your picture Library sucks

The picture library is MUCH too cumbersome and limiting. I should be able to click on multiple pictures and move them at once to a new folder. The current layout only moves one at a time, then resets the page to the top of the pics page again, so I have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll. So wasteful and not user friendly at all. Please FIX this or I may have to go elsewhere for our church. This is beyond frustrating!!!
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 Hey @MarianS23


Thanks for your feedback! We currently offer the ability to move multiple images into a folder by selecting the checkbox to the left of the photo and then selecting the "Add to Folder" button at the top of the list of your photos. This article helps explain this a little more:


At this time, dragging and dropping images into a folder only allows for one image at a time. I've notified our developers about this issue and have also opened this idea up for voting. 


Thanks for your feedback!