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Wow..I just typed my comments, went to change the subject and the comments disappeared. This is the kind of stuff that tests my spirit with the typesetting functions too. Anyway, I was stating the fact that I have room for one more image, but I am told I am out of space (I have 4 images and am allowed 5). It sure would be nice if the typesetting functions were more flexible too (such as being able to have justified and centered text in the same block). Well...for now, I'm going to log out then log back in and see if that solves my image problem (graphic image, not personal :wink: )
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Hi SummerB1

I checked your LIbrary and see that you have five images uploaded. If you would like, you are welcome to delete one to upload more. You are allowed a total of five files in your account at once, images and documents. 


Do you have an example of the text issue you mentioned? You can align text multiple ways in the same block if you would like! I am happy to help troubleshoot this with you.

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