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i clearly see there there are two images in the five i am allowed, and it reads that there are two images. so i assume, that means 2. i try to upload one more image, a total of three, and it continually reads its out of space.
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i see that the easy work around is to sign out and sign back in after every desired image change. seems like a stupid way, but i am not as skilled as the developer

Hi RyanEvolution , 

I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. I see that you have ive images uploaded now. With the basic library you are allowed a total of five files in the LIbrary at once. This is images and documents combined. If you are inserting images into your email you will only see the images you have uploaded, not the documents. A good way to see everything (and manage them) is to click the Library tab of the account. 

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