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having a hard time getting upload to work

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i can't get into the page where it lets me browse files to upload and it won't let me drag and drop. having a hard time inserting pictures as a result.
When I select the option to upload to my computer, nothing happens. I would expect the system to browse to my computer (it used to do that), but now it does nothing. I have tried this in IE and also in Chrome and on 2 different computers and I get the same result.
I cannot drag the image into the designated area and nothing happens when I click the link to browse my computer. When I click the upload image page it is blank, too.
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The upload function isn't working.
If I drag and drop I'm taken away from CC and the image opens in my browser, but no uploading takes place. If I click Browse Your Computer to Upload. Nothing happens.
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Hi @ChaylaS , @GreggT , @MorrowSBDC , @JackC30  and @ChurchofScientologyofSanDiego 


I am sorry for the problems you encountered working in the Library. We did experience some issues with the website that explain this but all of these issues have been resolved. If you are still having trouble please let us know.



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