locks me into 1st 2 rows of images

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and locks me out of the current image I'm trying to work on. only way to get that image back on screen is to enter its name in the search category or to go out of the email, back into the library where I can access from beginning to end, and then go back to the email again. I love the library but this glitch is frustrating and time consuming. One of your techs said it might be happening b/c I have so many images but I don't have more images than the space allows. Thanks, Lorrie
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Hi Lorrie,

Thanks for posting. I took a look at your support case and it looks like they were in the middle of troubleshooting with you when the call was disconnected. If you would like to continue to work with us on this please give support a call back or help with the following:


This should not be related to the number of images in the account so I am sorry for that confusion. I understand how this could be very frustrating and appreciate your help in figuring this out!



Hannah M. 


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