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I've been trying to manage my photo library, and I am finding very difficult. I want to delete photos that are no longer relevant. I can check the photo, and I go through checking additional photos, but there is no way to easily get to the top again to select delete. When scrolling, the scroll bar cannot be grabbed and moved. You have to use the mouse to get through the list of photos. This is a big problem when you have a large library. It would be helpful to have the scroll bar active. It would be helpful to have delete buttons top and bottom of screen so that when you had selected a bunch, you could easily delete.
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Hi @KayR16, thanks for the excellent suggestion! Adding a second delete button at the bottom of the screen makes a lot of sense.


As far as scrolling goes, the scroll bar should be grabbable and easy to move. What browser are you working in? Also, a workaround could be to use the 'Home' key on your keyboard to scroll automatically to the top of the page.

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