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As stated in the subject, the need for more than 100 custom fields, for clients like me who have a lot of commodities that we buy, is critical. I have been asking for the 100 custom field limit to be increased for over 6-8 months, without any results. As a business owner, I have remained loyal to constant contact because the service/product really is great, but also because we did not have a need for 100+ custom fields until recently. I began to request this  upon signing up with constant contact because I knew it would not be long until we needed more than 100. 


As such, with continuing replies from customer service that "it is still under development but no timetable", I must begrudgingly accept that I may need to look for alternative service providers. It is a shame, because I love constant contact and I also put a lot of time and energy into designing our service with you!!!!


Hope there is some good news sometime soon, or I will be forced to relocate:(

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