3 imports appear to be missing but it didn't tell me what didn't work

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I imported email contacts from Excel. Then when I go back to Contact Management, the list on the left says there are 1312 Active contacts. But when I click on Active, the box on the right shows 1309 next to Active. If it has 1312, why is it displaying only 1309? And what happened to the other 3? If something is wrong with those 3, why didn't it tell me when I did the import? Yet it must have imported them because it says 1312 next to Active on the left. So why displaying only 1309? And where can I find the other 3?

Hi @SallyS87 


Thanks for posting. It looks like there are a number of contacts in your account that have two email addresses. This could account for the difference as it's one contact, two addresses. Another thinkg to remember is that addresses that you don't have permission to email wouldn't count as active contacts but would be contacts in your account. Can you export a list of all the contacts and see which ones have two addresses to start?





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