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A Leaner You - Authentication

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Do you know what Authentication is?


Authentication is an industry best practice that tells your contacts that you’re a responsible sender.  If you’re already using industry best practices with your email marketing, having an authenticated email address is just one more tool for your arsenal.


With Authentication you become an authorized sender of the Constant Contact mailing domain, With this ON, over time you may see improved email delivery with those ISPs and corporate domains that use authentication to filter out their spam.What does that mean?  Your email is less likely to end up in the junk folder and more likely to be make it to the inbox.


To turn Authentication on, log into your Constant Contact Account and click the My Settings tab:


 Authentication 1.JPG


This will bring you to the Manage My Settings screen. On the right side, under  Other click “Off” next to Authentication:


Authetication 2.JPG



This will bring to where you can set up your Authenticated email address. The box will pre populate with your standard From name. If you’re not using Company Name for this already, I’d suggest you do so for the Authenticated email address as it is one of the first things a contact will see. Be sure to check mark the box for Authentication to be enabled:


Authentication 3.JPG



Once you’ve enabled Authentication, click the Save button on the bottom


 Authentication 4.JPG


Once saved, Authentication will be turned on. It may take a few minutes for it to go into effect. How will this affect your email? Your From line may look different in some email clients. It may display as:


Authentication 5.JPG




Now that authentication is enabled, your reputation as an email marketer will be tracked by those that have authentication turned on for their servers. The better your email performs (low bounces, low  spam reports), the more likely your email will go into the inbox as time goes on and isn’t that what we all want?




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